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What is light wine?
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Light wine has half the alcohol of other wines -  5.8%. It's a wine you can drink like a beer / cider / seltzer.

How do you make it?
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What is unique about Easy Wine is the blend of grapes we are choosing and the production method used to reach a lower ABV but a full flavor. We use minimal sulfites to stabilize and not much else.  We make wine, give it additional soak on grape skins, add some mellow bubbles and can it for you to enjoy anytime.

What SKUs are currently available?
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Easy Wine is available in Pink, Red and White!

What grapes are in it?
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Easy Wine Pink is made with riesling for acidity, muscat for aromatics and cabernet skins for the rose color and additional structure / fruitiness

Easy Wine Red uses a blend of  pinot noir and cabernet to make it light-bodied but bold and juicy.

Easy Wine White is made with sauvignon blanc (a.k.a sauv blanc... a.k.a sauvy b) bringing a crisp brightness and light color.

Where do you get the grapes?
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Our grapes casually come from California.

What are the nutrition facts?
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We thought you might ask! Unlike most wines, we keep it easy with a nutrition panel and ingredient list on every can that lay it all out.

Easy Wine Pink: 123 calories, 6g sugar and 13 carbs TOTAL per can
Easy Wine Red: 123 calories, 5g sugar and 9 carbs TOTAL per can
Easy Wine White: 100 calories, 0g sugar and 4 carbs TOTAL per can

Is Easy Wine for me?
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We are going to go out on a limb and say, yes. For sure if you are someone who wants a convenient low-alcohol, better-for-you beverage and cares about how it tastes… and looks.

What are your pairing notes?
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Easy Wine is a day at the beach, picnic in the park, night by the fire, rooftop, stoop spot, backyard BBQ, cooler kinda wine. It’s the thing you grab out of the fridge when you just want one drink while making a weeknight dinner, but also what you bring to your best friend’s birthday party. It is perfect for patios and pairs well with any meal, especially the ones you don’t have to cook yourself.

Why did Shacksbury decide to make a wine?
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Shacksbury Cider and Easy Wine may have the same parents but like all children, each is special and unique in their own way! Back in 2017, Shacksbury produced its first "rosé cider," which was our house blend cider aged on cabernet and syrah skins. That kicked off a passion for working with wine and grape skins, and from there we went on to do collaborations with different wine makers around the country. Afterall, cider is really apple wine so Easy Wine was not a huge departure from what we are already great at and passionate about.

Do you ship Easy Wine to my state?
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Since shipping regulations and state liquor laws are not easy, we currently cannot ship internationally or to the following states:

UT, VA, WI ,and WV.

How long will my order take to arrive?
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We pack orders weekly and usually ship out Ground every Wednesday. Depending on where you live, and how FedEx is feeling, your order should arrive between 2-7 business days. Make sure someone 21+ is home to sign for your wine!